This is my contribution for the “Dangerous Cargo” context

pl Urban Dangerous Cargo

The guys of the “Redstone Cargo” have in their possession a container that belongs to the people of the “BLU – Freight and Shipping”. Your mission is recover that container with the help of the Blue Police. Inside the container is the most Dangerous cargo ever. Don’t fail!

Emmett Brown


After capturing the last check Point you will have to “protect” the cargo for 30 seconds. Enjoy

My first TF2 map.


ze Super Mario 64 more screenshots

Here are some new screenshots of my progress in this new ze map I’m working.


TF2 Achievements


Hey Guys watch this small video and help me win a few achievements.



ze super mario 64

Hey guys. Here’s some screenshots of ze super mario 64. Still missing the skybox.


Ok guys. As you request here all the secrets of urban downtown. Enjoy.



New map in te area.

Hey guys. WAZUP!!!! Finally a new version of my huge labyrinth. Laby of Death.

Download it now!!!


run to the choppa!!!!


The code

Hi guys. To all the new explorers the code of the door is 1948

My new map

Cargo Express is already posted in game banana.

Download Festival

….want to share a can of beer with me? meet me at the Download Festival in Junethe best rock fest of the year on england
Finally I’ll see the System of A Down live……….


Good news everyone!

Good news everyone!.